Friday, December 7, 2012

Join Bucandy For Daily Dose of Fashion

Morning Ladies and Happy Weekend, I'm so happy about this particular weekend 'cos the week has been so-so *whew*

Did ya'll remember my Crush BuCandy? my pretty fashionista, she's now officially a fashion blogger and  now has her own Facebook Fan page Bucandy, She's on Instagram too @bucandy91.

Show my girl some love, follow her for daily dose of fashion and inspiring words. You'll be glad you did *winks*

Stay blessed, Have a lovely weekend!!! xo!


  1. I love ur blog. She is really a fashionista. You could follow me at

  2. Hey darling, just found your blog and I love it! your outfit are well put together! I'm now following you and would appreciate it if you can follow back!

  3. the last look is real nice. my style!!